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In the world of cryptocurrency, there are quite a few blogs aiming to inform the masses about bitcoin and blockchain developments. Some of these blogs have been around for much longer than others, even though they are all well worth keeping an eye on. There is no shortage when it comes to bitcoin news blogs, and the market grows more competitive every year. The list below represents bitcoin news blogs based on when they were founded.




The domain name had not been used for media purposes in quite a while. That situation came to change in 2015 when Roger Ver regained control over the domain and decided to add a news blog to the platform. Although is not just a news site by any means, their collection of media articles is quite impressive. With fresh content added every single day, the blog part of the website continues to attract a lot of eyeballs.



The name Bitcoinist will ring a bell for quite a few people, even though they are one of the “latest” entrants into the cryptocurrency blogosphere. The platform was established in early 2014 and quickly succeeded in becoming a media partner for a lot of major bitcoin and blockchain events. Their news section has been growing steadily as well, with a strong focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.



NewsBTC is one of those bitcoin news blogs which is quickly becoming a household name. Ever since their first post appeared in October of 2013, the platform has been steadily adding a lot of content. Users looking for a daily bitcoin price analysis, as well as the latest bitcoin headlines, should keep an eye on this website. At the time of writing, NewsBTC has close to 9,500 published articles.




Even though CoinTelegraph has gone through several owners and people running day-to-day operations so far, the news blog remains one of the more popular ones among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With custom art accompanying every article they post, CoinTelegraph stands out from its competitors. The platform saw its first posts at the end of 2013 and has continued to add impressive content throughout the years.




The second-longest running bitcoin news blog is CryptoCoinsNews. Thanks to their partnership with, the site welcomed a new audience from the hacking and security communities all over the world. CryptoCoinsNews has always been one of the bitcoin blogs bringing users the latest news and continues to actively do so on a daily basis. They are also one of the few blogs to have an active Fintech and Ethereum section.




It is impossible to talk about reading bitcoin news and not mention Coindesk. The platform is the go-to place for the latest bitcoin topics, and most recently, blockchain news. Coindesk has also released quarterly reports related to bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, which are always well-received. Coindesk also spreads the worst about bitcoin through their own Consensus event, which took place for the first time in 2015. The third edition of this event is scheduled tot to take place later this year.

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At Bitcoin examiner we seek to keep you informed about the latest occurrences of the cryptocurrency world. Today, we take the time to recognize some blogs that have striven to keep our favorite coin’s image afloat on the internet.

  1. Coindesk Definitely, one of the major online voices of digital currency.
  2. The Bitcoin Foundation Blog One of the most important blogs in the world of cryptocurrency and a source of official information. Bitcoin Foundation
  3. Bitcoin Magazine   Daily news and updated rates for the most eager Bitcoin lovers.

Read more:

  1. The Standard Bit A great source of Bitcoin news specifically directed to the big investors and Wall Street experts.
  2. The Daily Bitcoin “News from the brave new world of money” is their promise and they keep it.
  3. Bitcoin Views One of the best websites to get real-time news about Bitcoin.
  4. The Bitcoin Trader A blog with several useful links where you can find a lot of information about virtual currency.
  5. The Genesis Block With the slogan “your foundation for all things Bitcoin”, The Genesis Block is definitely part of the Bitcoin chain of information.
  6.  On Bitcoin On Bitcoin is proud to track the essential Bitcoin news and the fast adoption of cryptocurrency. And, finally, we land back home…
  7. Bitcoin Examiner Sorry, we couldn’t resist because we really think we deserve a spot in this list.